The Dirty Truth

Last night I dreamed of an old Japanese man and his wife.  They lived in a compound filled with plants.  I met them at the gate and said, “I have learned that there is magic in your pots.”  The man smiled and replied, “So, you have heard this!”  I said, “Yes.  I came to see.”  The man opened the gate and his wife smiled and said, “Come with me.”  She led me to a corner of their property where many small plants were collected in pots.  She pointed to one plant that grew in a pot.  It had a beautiful yellow flower with white stripes through the petals.  She pointed to the flower and said, “VERY pretty, but the magic is in the dirt.”  She bent and stuck her finger deep into the soil in the pot.  “What you see is not the truth.  You must dig in the dirt for the truth, but you must let it remain buried to get the bloom. You understand, but not now. Yes?”  I looked at the old woman and wondered about the truth buried deep in the dirt of her life.  I could see it in her smile.  “Yes, I think I begin to understand.”  “You be a very good student, yes?”  Then, I smiled.  “Yes! I be a very good student.”  We bowed to each other and I left them at the gate.

I turned and looked back and I heard the man say, “Wealth is not what you get in life, but it is what you give. You must dig deep to find the best magic.  You will find strength to submit to the lesson or you will have nothing to teach.”

Lesson Topic:   Necessary Wounds and The Grace of God as Gift.

One source of the word “bless” comes from the French word, blessure, which means wound.

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