Something From Nothing

“Something doesn’t come out of nothing does it?”

Well yes, actually it does, quantum theory shows that a vacuum will spontaneously generate matter by borrowing energy from the future and using it to create particles with mass. A given volume of ’empty’ space at the quantum scale, ‘prefers’ to contain something rather than nothing. Experiments show that the odds are 60/40 in favor of this spontaneous matter creation.

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3 Responses to Something From Nothing

  1. My son talks to me about the wonders of the Universe all the time. He has to use pen and paper to draw it out…but I get the gist of it. And the more I learn the more I’m amazed…

  2. georgeabney says:

    This doesn’t work with money anymore… 🙂 Today, vacuum is produced by the wanton printing of credit notes to float other credit notes… It is a perfect storm of DEBT that will not go away until it has flattened the forest.

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